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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  September 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and parents are really upset about this. >> and it was the most watched presidential debate in u.s. history. donald trump and hillary clinton going on the attack. we're breaking down fact from fiction. good morning, it's tuesday, september 27th. i'm terrence lee. >> i'm corrina pysa. thank you for waking up with us this morning. we look outside and from experience, you will want to grab a sweater this morning, janessa. the air is changing. >> quickly on us and some spots and closer to the lake. slightly warmer and we're off to a fall-like weather pattern. the good news, you're going to soak up some sunshine finally for your tuesday afternoon. and our 5 live radar is not picking up moisture we saw yesterday and has shifted to the eastern seaboard. right now, we're tracking in that clearing from west to east and you're going to need to
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this morning. 55 right now for downtown cleveland. orange, i see you and you're in the upper 40s and talk about the cool spot and look at that. lodi, you're in the mid-40s right now. brunswick, 52 degrees. is and so, sunscreen should be an accessory throughout the afternoon. our highs are pretty seasonable for this time of the year and folks, today is the last day i talk about the 70s. the daytime highs of 60s on the and heading to the maps, we don't have a lot of an issues. an update tweeted out cliffton boulevard back open. it was closed because of an earlier apartment fire and elsewhere, we have work happening. the start time, 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and they doing bridge repair work and check on our odot view and you're looking now, i believe, this is moment at bab on the and pretty quiet.
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talk drive times in a about the. over to you. more on the apartment fire you mentioned. flames tear through a building on cleveland's west side and sending three people to the hospital. and look at this video from the overnight newstracker. interns flames shooting out of the windows an hour and a half ago and this is on west 112th and cliffton. a woman with minor injuries and two men are in critical condition at metro and it appears the fire started on the second floor crews are working to keep an eye on hotspots and we're making calls on this for more information. >> and thank you, sarah. developing in parma, school district leaders are proposing dramatic cuts. >> and members of the community are upset. meg shaw is live in parma and they're talking teacher layoffs. >> reporter: we're talking about dozens of layoffs in the closing of five schools. the district's budget administrator telling the news
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night and that these decisions are not easy. look at the video as he wipes away tears and he's presenting his plan to the parma board of education. the cuts are proposed to make up for a $15 million budget deficit and that plan calls for normandy and valley forge high schools to become middle schools and making parma senior high one super high school. parents emotional during the meeting and many blaming board members for the sure that before we say yes, this is what is going to happen or this is what needs to happen, we're positive this time that this is what is best. we haven't been positive the last dozen big decisions we made, and here we are today. >> reporter: the district is currently under fiscal watch by the state and they must present a balanced budget to the state by october 17th. and another public information
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on october 4th. live in parma,ing me shaw, news5. >> and thank you. the nominees for president making their case to voters. they bickered and traded insults, a fiery debate. >> and didn't take long for the attacks to fly. >> and criticize me for preparing for this debate and, yes, i did. and you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president, and that is a good but it's bad experience.
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the family of a man found dead in a car and speaking on 5. they feel detray -- betrayed and found out about his death on social media. the police didn't talk to them until days after he was found. >> and i live you, man. i don't think it's -- i love you, man. i don't think it's right for me and my family to find out the way we found out. >> and his body was found behind his girlfriend's home.
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charges have been filed. >> and we right now, akron police are facing a wrongful death lawsuit. he claims his son was not armed when shot and killed by police last september. at the time, william lamont jr. was wanted for robbing a grocery store. he reviewed to take his hands,way from the waist band, so they opened fire. and the shooting was ruled justified. >> reporter: summit county, council is considering giving workers paid parental up to six weeks of paid leave. moms and dads, after the birth of a child or adoption of a minor child. if the ordinance moves forward, it could be law next month. and more trouble for the browns off of the field. the north royalton post reporting allen bailey was arrested for an ovi early yesterday whole the team is not confirming. they released this statement from sashi brown that said the team is aware of the situation
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taking the matter seriously. and let's talk about the tribe and janessa webb, i need your help with this. the indians beating the motor city detroit tigers. last night, 7-4 and clenching the first title since 2007, and erupting in celebration. way to go, guys. the play-off-bound team is still waiting for updates on and they are also facing injuries. and danny is hoping to join the post season roster. all right, janessa and i am you want to talk the bus stop forecast? >> and i want to talk about the kiddies. who decided on that name? the forecast, mom and dad, i want you to give the kids a hood this morning. the temperatures are in the mid- 40s to low 50s and the cooler
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talking about a lot of sunshine and mostly is sunny skies. you want to -- mostly sunny skies and you want to do outdoor activities. and pleasant conditions in the area. >> and we just have to protest because, you know, you're treating us wrong. and we need to have rights. >> bringing a crowd to tears. the >> and the death of a baseball hopeful in a boating accident mourned in miami. you won't believe what one man found washed ashore.
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. welcome back. several people are recovering from gunshot wounds in houston. >> and a gunman was killed after opening fire at a strip mall. now, we're learning more about him. the police have not officially id'ed him, but records show the car they were looking for is nathan desai. the former law partner disputes the reports he was a
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at random inside the cars and a parking lot. nine people were hit and nine are in critical condition. >> and i can hear the whiz of bullets going through. >> and he's screaming on the phone and crying i am hit,gen where are error, i am hit. >> and -- i am hit error error, jen, and i am hit. >> they're in the process of searching his apartment. snow far, no clear motive for the shootings. and a general magistrate de for the suspected new york-new jersey bomber is any that raham sixer still too gravely injured to see a lawyer. he's facing charges of use of weapons of -- weapons of mass destruction. and he is linked to bombings in two states. >> i feel we are treated differently than other people and i don't like how we're treated and just because of our color doesn't mean anything to
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bringing a room of hundreds to tears. this is during a charlotte city council meeting last night. protests remained peaceful there but tension is still high in the city in the wake of the deadly police shooting of keith scott. protestors are demanding change, starting with resignations at the top. >> and we have engaged with chief putney in the past, and he's promised us that cmpd would be more transparent under his leadership. we feel the promises have been broken and for the immediate resignation of kirputn, ey has chief of cmpd. >> and they called on charlotte's mayor to resign as well. and moderate flood levels in cedar rapids, iowa. this is a live look downtown at the cedar river. the abc station reporting a few hours ago it's expected to crest this morning and will be high enough to flood the downtown area. and over the weekend, crews
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wall. and some people have been evacuated and talk about the weather here in northeast ohio. i have a bone to pick with you, janessa webb. yous no more 70s. what is up with that? >> and i'm going to allow you more sunshine for today and we're stepping into a weather pattern that is cooler across the area and which is going to allow us to see temperatures drop 5 degrees by tomorrow afternoon and right now, it's vital that you soak up all of this sun. you can see the good old- fashioned bubble of cooler air that is going to track in here. any moisture we're seeing into the eastern seaboard and that is allowing us to sit in sunny skies throughout the afternoon and cooler air this morning. inland and sheltered locations and wayne county at 48 degrees and mid-40s from elyria to avon
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and 49. and menner, 52, the warm spot and closer to the clack and not a breeze this morning and that is pugs -- picking up throughout the afternoon. and a lot of sunshine. we're dealing with a mixingba and weather pattern. yesterday, a lot of rain and today sunny skies and rain in the forecast for the week here and this is due to the cold front. the low will track in by wednesday afternoon. you will started to notice the cloud coverage and the rain kicks up about the 6:00 hour for your wedn hour timeframe to enjoy any outdoor activities. please, have a light coat ahead throughout the afternoon. we'll show you the future cast of 12:30 and heading to lunch. 69 degrees and cooler air in place. >> and let's start out looking at the odot view of 471. and showing traffic is looking a-okay and we have a water main break with a local school closed in east canton.
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section there between noble and west nassau, which is known as 30 is closed. no word when it will reopen and they're going to issue a boil alert later on and that water main break in the area has that area closed. and let look at the drive times, too, and looking a-okay on 71, 77 and 90 and some areas getting cobb jested for now, and looking just fine if you're taking fulton to the average speed of 60 miles per hour and over to you. >> thank you. and cleveland is not the only major city school district facing contracts. >> and teachers in chicago are ready to strike. the chicago teacher's union said 95% of the members support the strike and the earliest to happen is october 11th. races, pension contributions and healthcare are key issues since the contract expired last year. the entire miami marlins
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since their teammate jose fernandez died. each player wore the number 16 to honor him and the number is now retired. he was 24 years old, an all- star pitcher and one of three people killed early sunday in a boating accident and fans are still in shock. >> and can you just imagine a new normal life and snowstormal journey without him and his daughter without a father is the game. hundreds showed up early to pay tribute to fernandez and lay flowers. and an investigation is underway to determine what led to that deadly boating crash. >> and yesterday, they made a eerie discovery. a mile from the accident, a bag containing four baseballs autograph by fernandez and his checkbook washed arco shore. the bag was given to the lifeguard and didn't appear to
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friends. do you suffer from kid stones. why roller coasters could be the answer. >> and how well are you getting paid? the ohio colleges making the
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. welcome back. 5:22 and last night's debate will likely prove to be one of the most watched in u.s.
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over snapchat, too and lots of people having fun and using filters. the candidates were shown on screen at the same time for most of the debate, it was especially perfect for the face- swapping filter. >> that is terrifying. >> i never want to see that again in my life, janessa. >> and can't unsee it. >> that is not nice. i want to see mine. [ laughter ] >> and we'll do one. >> and let's see mine. the clear skies across northeast ohio. yo weather pattern. real fall-like and have that extra, the coffee extra hot this morning and pumpkin spice maybe and 73, though for daytime highs and we're talking about about more sunshine throughout the afternoon. and this is going to be a scab- hour timeframe before we start to push in more rain and that stays in the forecast and that is throughout your friday. for your weekend here, it's
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and 69 degrees and we're talking mostly sunny. and. noticing cars going under the speed limit and nothing too concerning. no accidents showing up on the traffic maps and we have a road closed, a small section here in east canton because much a -- because of a water main break and hopefully it will reopen but we know that austinberg local school is closed because of the water main break and the village is without wat this point. and check on the akron area, and 76 is what you're looking at the. the four live looks is what you're looking at. and your health headlines, an alert if you travelled to the east coast recently. the usda said beef, veal, and bison from adam's farm in massachusetts could be contaminated with e. coli and these products were sent to farmer's markets, retail locations and restaurants in matt mass, connecticut, and eastern -- massachusetts,
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been hospitalized. and if you have ever suffered from kidney stones, you know how painful they can be. the doctors have a bunch of treatments to relieve the pain. a michigan state university urologist has a better way and more fun way, too. the professor said a new study shows that people who ride certain roller coasters were able to pass kidney stones. >> and probably more of the roller coaster, here i come. >> okay. and also a note. riding in the back is more affective than riding in the front and get yourself to cedar point. it's a good time to go now that halloween season is upon us. the new report ranks universities by how well the graduate is getting paid. >> and northeast ohio schools did well here. overland college coming in at number one, the 47th in the
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$103,000 medcareer and case western is fifth and the state with 92,000 and john carroll, 6th and and u of akron, 13 andth. cleveland state, 14 and. last year, his -- after his wife's debate, bill clinton is coming to cleveland. where you can catch the former president today. >> and the texas teenager who brought a homemade clock to school making headlines again. who the family is suing. >> and as we head winning lottery numbers.
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. new at 5 and thirst and, the first presidential showdown. clinton and trump getting jabs, but who was telling the truth and who do you think won this round? >> and facing a budge the crisis, parma is ready staff. >> and parents won't let it happen without a fight. then? >> and after a nine-year wait, central division title, number 8 and. >> and we are heading to the play-offs. the indians get it done against the tigers. we have players ' reactions from overnight and first, we need your weather and traffic together starting off with janessa webb. >> and we're waking up to clear skies and that fall-like
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that is going to stick around throughout the afternoon. the daytime highs are seasonable and highs into the 70 ands. the high pressure is going to allow for the clearing to take place and that is starting to happen across the viewing area when we have our composite and satellite radar on and we're not picking up moisture or anything we're seeing and that is towards the southern locations. these are cool temperatures and haven't seen this in about three months and cleveland, 53 and degrees with that cool air and that is currently trapped from lodi to medina. and 45 and and you're waking up to overnight lows, folks in the lower 40 ands and we're not talking about the 30 ands idea and i want -- idea, and i want you to be prepared and that is allowing for the cooler air to singe in and hour-by-hour by 2 and:00, kristen, 72 and. >> and long sleeves from here on out. >> and head to the maps now and this is a look at the other
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crocker to the inner belt and clocking in at 13 and minutes here and from the central interchange to 90 and and 31 and and 480 and eastbound lanes are looking good and from 271, 26 minutes. average speed of 61 miles per hour and light look at 71 right now and the odot view is 71 and baggily and get busy in the north and southbound lanes and there are no accidents and we have a small section closed and that is because of a break. sarah. and we are learning a brand- new information about an overnight shooting in rocky river. i just got off of the phone with police there and they said a father shot his daughter twice once in the head. this happened two hours ago. the 63-year-old is now behind bars. his daughter is being treated as fairview hospital and had condition is unknown and we'll continue to follow the story. and thank you.
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are searching for a man who posed as a police officer and assaulted a nine-year-old girl. >> and the massillon independent reports she was walking home from the library around 6 last night and that is near second street and cherry road when a man pulled up in a black pickup truck with the skulls on the side and highs he was a police officer and told her she was reported missing and that is when he grabbed her and pulled her into the truck and assaulted her at another location and let her go. if you have any information about the man or is familiar, call police. parma schools are facing a budget crisis. the board has $15 million to make up so it's ready to make drastic cuts. meg shaw is at parma senior high school this morning and what is the plan? >> reporter: the plan is to make one super hose. parma's administration staff said in order to make up for some of the debt, normandy high school and valley forge high school would have to become middle school says,
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school students here to parma senior high. the budget administrator was wiping away tears as he was preventing the plan to the board of education at a meeting on monday night. in order to balance the budget, the district would have to close five schools and lay off dozens of staff members and eliminate multiple education programs. the parents visibly upset at the news and some calling for board members to resign. folks these cuts affect everyone in the community. >> and it affects our property and values and our values -- families. it affects the kids going to scheme and what kind of education they're getting, where they're going in life. >> and the district must suck mit a balanced budget plan to the state by october 17th in order for the state to not come in and take over completely and another public information
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live in parma, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> and hill her has experience but it's bad -- hillary has experience but bad experience. >> why won't he release the tax returns. i think there are a couple of reasons. >> and it's a presidential debate like we have never seen before. >> hillary clinton tries to hammer home the idea that donald trump is not prepared to be commander in chief. >> and ump painting clinton as a career politician who bring change the country needs. >> and i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000, mails have that -- that have been deleted. >> i think you have seen another example of bait and switch here. >> and the question this morning is who walked away the winner? >> that depends on who you ask. there are some online polls with trump on top, including cnbc, time, and the hill, but a
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27% said he had a better night. and how truthful were the candidates? we teamed up with politifact to check out the statements. you can check out the full report on the news 5 app and we will have some of the big ones for you later on in good morning cleveland. and the clintons want to keep the debate momentum going. the former president bill clinton will be here in cleveland and is taking part in a voter registration event at ginn academy starting at 6 tonight. and cleveland is play-off bound again. the indians clenched their first title since 2007. they beat the tigers in detroit 7-4 and that is the first time the tribe made the post season since the 2013 wildcard game and we were there for the celebration in the locker room. >> and i dreamt of this moment and it's nowhere near. and it feels better now.
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the piper left the game early with groin tightens on the same leg he injured last year. and hoping for the best. >> and absolutely. still to come, confessing to murder. the washington mall shooter is telling all. >> and tom hanks wedding crasher? we have the photos everyone is talking about this morning. first, your techbytes. >> reporter: in today's techbytes, the first debate between trump and clinton was the most ever. >> what moments got twitter going the most? coming in third, the candidates' plans to defeat isis. >> trump's comments about the policing policy stop and frisk came in second and number one? >> the most tweeted moment came when trumps he has a good temperament. >> and roku news media players are on sale. >> they range from 30 to 130. the top-of-the-line model streams 4k and hdr video and includes a usb port on the box.
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a new video claims there is a hidden headphone jack in the new iphone 7 and all you have to do to find it is drill a hole in the new phone. >> and don't do it. it's a prank. the damage won't be covered by insurance. i miss that. miss that. >> and those are your
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. good morning, everybody. we're over the soggy weather and look at the forecast. the tradeoff is cooler and a light coat. greater cleveland by the noon hour. upper 60s. only looking at daytime highs of lower 70s across the la this afternoon. and now, 76 still for akron and canton. kristen. >> thank you so much, janessa. not a lot is going on and behind me, you're looking at a couple of shots of 90 from the west side. the drive times look good. we have nice dry highways this morning. >> thank you. and most of us know someone suffering from dementia and we could be one step closer to a cure. >> researchers at ohio state university are starting
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drugs and they specifically for louie body dementia, which affects more than 1 million people. there are no medications specifically approved for this kind of dementia and one looks at the safety of a one-day pill. the other study is for a medication helping with sleep problems and hallucinations. >> and we all right, forget about owen wilson and vince vaughn. there is another wedding crasher in town. >> and -- not afraid to get down and party. he was part this weekend when he saw a couple taking wedding photos and walked off and introduced himself. hey, my name is tom hanks and took a selfie with the couple before letting them continue and hanks posted the picture on has instagram package congratulating the couple. >> and congrats to them. that is awesome. and still ahead, donald trumps he held back but after the debate, he revealed what he was going to say on stage and that is just ahead on good
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. it's 5:44 and breaking news from the live desk. the overnight news tracker on the scene of the apartment fire
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dramatic this was. intense flames shooting out of the windows, more than two hours ago. and this building is on west 112th and cliffton. a woman with minor injuries and two men in critical condition were taken to metro. it appears the fire started on the second floor and we're making calls to find out more information, terrence. and let's look at the top headlines from around the country. now, first the suspect in the washington mall massacre now confessing to court documents show the teen was supposed to go to work friday night and instead, he went to macy's and started shooting people in the cosmetics department. the neighbor said before the shooting she feared him. >> he had weird interactions like when you talked with him. he grunted or would not say anything. >> police jar still looking for a -- police are still looking for the motive for the attack. the father said he's dealing with mental health issues and being held on $2 million bond. and the va is cooling with
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this one about the suicide hotline. the former director of the crisis line said more than a third of calls were not answered and he said that staffers had poor work habits and in some cases, workers handled five calls in an eight- hour shift and they were then sent back to backup centers where workers have less training to deal with veterans. twenty veterans commit suicide every day. and this is new for you this morning. do you remember the texas teen ow he brought a homemade clock to school last year. the teacher, though, thought it was a bomb. the family is suing several media companies, including fox news. the family said that they made false and damaging statements about ahmed, including calling him a terrorist. the family also sued the irvine school district for $15 million. and right now, a fast- moving wildfire is chasing hundreds of families from the homes in california.
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clara county and quickly raced around 500 acres. 300 homes evacuated in the santa cruz mountains and fis stretched then out west and battling another firefighter in sonoma county north of san francisco. and now to weather. >> a little closer to home and this is power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb. >> and corrina we're waking up to clear skies. high pressure is going to dominate for allowing for all of that rain and kind of leave cast skies. it has pushed to the east and that will allow us to sit under sunny skies throughout your tuesday and let's talk about the month of september so far, folks. and we're in the last fire days here and we're about seven degrees above normal and we saw the bubble of warm air throughout the month. now, that cold front has sliced through and that is going to allow us to see a big time temperature drop. day time highs in the lower 70s
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high pressure that is going to allow for sunshine today. we're tracking our next very weak cold front that will produce us with more rainy conditions for your wednesday. so, getting you prepared for that is going to be about a 16- hour timethat you're allowed to sit in some sunny skies. right now, norwalk, 48 degrees. folks, we're seeing some of the coolest temperatures of the season so far. richland county lodi, you're at 45 and and hour, we're seeing lots more sunshine and even though we're dealing with a chilly morning. rainy days are ahead and that is due to the front that is tracking in from west to east and by it remember evening, the exact timing around 6:00 and get prepared for that for your wednesday and 73 today, basking in all of that sunshine. the temperatures are seasonable for this time of the year and a
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for tonight and this is changing from yesterday afternoon and wednesday, thursday, and tracking a few raindrops and the weekend is looking ideal and sunny for your sunday. >> and pretty happy about the weekend and today? >> and the most important part of that is the highways are dry. no issues for you. a couple of the odot cameras and look at those and 71 and clark and fulton to 90 and at 3 minutes and 90 and columbia and on in the morning and having issues at the headquarters in columbus and looking okay on that section, too and checking the drive time, 90 eastbound crocker to the inner belt. about a 13- to 49-minute commute -- 14-minute commute. and over a heated battle and the first presidential
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. [ no audio ]
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. this morning, they're
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right now, he's being investigated for suspicious activity but the department's trust fund. he was supposed to go to a public hearing yesterday to answer charges, but he never showed. no trustees fired him. an ohio school is challenging the school on transgender restrooms. near mansfield, they're appealing a federal judge's ruling. and they are treating an 11- year-old as, quote, the girl she is and th made alternative restroom accommodations and allowing her to use the restroom would infringe on other students' rights. >> and we a downtown hotspot is closed for now. the greenhouse tavern is closed temporarily because of a fire saturday night. and he said it would be closed for the short foreseeable future and they reported that the fire was started by a cigarette butt in the supply closet and did $10,000 in damage. and north ridgeville
5:57 am
>> and groundbreaking ceremony is playing -- planned for today and university hospital spilling a $32 million health center and the only emergency department and on lorain road near the turnpike and the groundbreaking is at 10:00 a.m. and the hospital is expected to open late next year. and more trouble for the browns. the starter arrested hours after sunday's game. >> and no third party at this debate. why jill stein was escorted out
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. new at 6, a heated meeting over drastic cuts. the parma school distribute proposing one big megaschool. this morning, residents and parents not happy about it. >> and it was the most watched presidential debate in u.s. history. donald trump and hillary clinton going on the from fiction. it's tuesday, september 27th. i'm terrence lee. >> and i'm corrina pysa and we're taking a live look outside and look at that beautiful shot of the city behind us, feeling chilly out there, though and more like fall. let's go to janessa webb. >> and report you ready for cooler air in the fall? >> no. no. okay, i understand that. >> and ladies, it's okay to
6:00 am
toe shoes and this is some of the coolest air we have seen since june, folks and this is not picking up moisture. a big difference from yesterday as we were tracking rainfall activity and overcast skies. that is being replaced with a ton of sunshine for your tuesday afternoon. and temperatures across the board as you're getting the kids aweak and heading to the bus stop here. parma, 51 degrees. closer to the lake and stilt in the -- still and you go to medina and lodi and currently at 45 to 46 degrees. the contours not really showing the cooler air bubbling in from the south. you will notice the southwesterly breeze this afternoon and that is going to cool off the ambient temperature. the highs today are seasonable, kristen, and they're in the lower 70s. and i don't know. >> and i go back and forth.


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